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Wednesdays at Michael's

Paint Nite shakes up your nite out with friends by offering you the perfect mix of artistic and alcoholic spirits. In about 2 hours’ time, a master artist leads your party through the steps to create a 16 x 20” acrylic masterpiece that you get to bring home with you. We cover the painting supplies and you cover your clothes with one of our fabulous signature Paint Nite bright green aprons. (Hands, arms, and face are fair game!)

All you need to do is show up ready to have an awesome time, no painting experience needed! Visit to choose your event by place, painting, or party host! And always, ALWAYS, #DrinkCreatively!

Art on our walls.....

Part of a pleasant dining experience is the environment in which we are served the meal. We’re lucky to live in a community with so many talented artists. Our walls are a perfect showcase for their talents and we’re pleased and proud to bring their work to you.

In order to showcase as many artists as possible and change your dining experience on a regular basis, artwork at Michael’s on Main rotates every 8 weeks.

All the art work on exhibit is for sale and more of their work can be seen on the artist’s website.

Simply click on the artist’s name below and you will be able to visit their website for a taste of what’s to come….

2016 Exhibits/ Fireside Room 

January 14-March 10  Bev Moore

March 10-May 5 Janice Serilla         

May 5-June 30     Brenda Mills

June 30-August 25 Bonnie Minardi 

August 25-October 20 Ed Garner

October 20-December 15  Merlyn Moreno

December 15-February 9 Sue Holmes

2016 Exhibits/ Front Room

January 14-March 10 David Fleming

March 10-May 5 Charles Prentiss

May 5-June 30  Vanessa Stafford

June 30-August 25 Bonni Carver

August 25-October 20 Marc Christian Kunze

November 10-February 9 David Fleming