Please join us every Tuesday night for Food, Wine & Beer Pairings.

Wineries & breweries pair their fabulous selections to complement our delicious & authentic themed menus. Live music always adds ambiance to the evening. We make as much food as we have reservations for so if you don't want to be disappointed, please do make a reservation so we will have plenty.  It is usually served buffet style.

6:30-8:o0 pm, $25/person
Call for Reservations: 831-479-9777

We have added a colorful twist to our Tuesday night Food and Wine pairings. Last Spring we invited local guest chefs into our kitchen to show us how to make some of their favorite dishes.  We only have one brave soul this series but we always welcome new talent….are you game?







  • November 8 Love of Lamb       Dave Muldawer will be entertaining us while we enjoy Roasted leg of Lamb, braised greens, roasted potatoes and our wines will be from our local neighbors Bargetto


  • November 15 Regional Mexican specialties Chicken Mole, Shrimp Diablo, mexican salad, flan    Paul Logan returns to sing to us and District 7 will pour the wines

District 7, aka Monterey County, has the longest growing season of all of the districts, a result of the chilled marine air from the Monterey Bay that rushes down the Salinas Valley each day. For cool climate varietals like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, we source the grapes from our estate vineyards in the northern reaches of District 7, where morning fogs often linger until mid-day. This allows the intricate fruit flavors to develop while preserving crucial acidity. For sun lovers like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, we grow the grapes on our estate vineyards located further south in District 7, where sunshine-filled days are followed by the cooling maritime influence in the late afternoons.

The long growing season of District 7 allows us to “let it hang”. Longer time on the vine means the grapes ripen slowly and evenly. Deciding when to harvest is all about finding the sweet spot, that perfect moment when the grapes have reached full flavor development. At District 7, we let it hang until the grapes are ready. The result is vibrant fruit, complex flavors and excellent structure.


We will take a break from our pairings for the holiday season......Stay tuned for the Winter series of guest chef food and wine pairings... beginning   in January 2017