Please join us every Tuesday night for Food, Wine & Beer Pairings.

Wineries & breweries pair their fabulous selections to complement our delicious & authentic themed menus. Live music always adds ambiance to the evening. We make as much food as we have reservations for so if you don't want to be disappointed, please do make a reservation so we will have plenty.  It is served buffet style.

6:30-8:o0 pm, $25/person
Call for Reservations: 831-479-9777

We have added a colorful twist to our Tuesday night Food and Wine pairings. Last Spring we invited local guest chefs into our kitchen to show us how to make some of their favorite dishes.  We only have two this series but we always welcome new talent….are you game?

  • July 12 Bastille Day in Soquel Nicoise salad, Coqu au Vin, and Chocolate Pot de Creme are some of the highlights. Paul Logan will be playing for us and Michael will pull some wines from his cellar to try with the food. Beginning with a Baldo Prosecco, Clos la Chance Savingnon Blanc and Vino Pinto Grigio.

  • July 19 Kebabs of all Kinds Lamb, Veggie and Grilled Fruit K-Bobs will begin the meal.  Scott Slaughter will be lighting up the room with his talent  and the wines will be poured by the lovely Helen from Gifft Wines Their Monterey Chardonnay and Red Blend are the outcome of a partnership with Kathie Lee Gifford and Sheid Wines. The Gifft name derives from Kathie Lee Gifford’s last name and her belief that friendship, love and laughter are gifts to be cherished.


  • July 26 It's Summer's Goodness   and we will enjoy some of the gifts of Summer- Padron peppers, corn on the cob, grilled Pacific Salmon and the wines of Pietra Santa will pair nicely with these dishes.  Tonight we will have a chard, Pinot Gris, route 152 Pinot, and Sangio. Situated eight miles south of Hollister and twenty-five miles east of Monterey Bay in San Benito County, the estate vineyard is cradled in its own private valley, whose unique combination of soil, climate and geography produces grapes and wine of uncommon character, Cienega Valley became wine country in 1850, when Frenchman Theophile Vache planted the region's first vineyards When Joseph Gimelli purchased the 455 acres surrounding the Dickinson house in 1989, the adjacent vineyards had not been tended for three years and were overrun by wild boar. Gimelli planted nearly 100 acres to Merlot, Sangiovese and Dolcetto, preserving only a one-acre block of Zinfandel and ten acres of Cabernet Sauvignon from previous plantings. Pietra Santa (named by Gimelli for the unusual limestone and granite soils) harvested its first vintage in 1992, under the supervision of Winemaker Alessio Carli, whose broad winemaking experience in Tuscany complements the estate's focus on Italian grape varieties. The first wines from Pietra Santa were released in 1994.   Paul Butler will play for us

  • August 2  Celebrate the Tomato!  Gazpacho, tomato Paparadelle, tomato and Burratta Salad David O'Connor will be lighting up the room with his talent  and the wines will be from Clos la Chance Jason Robideaux is Clos LaChance’s Winemaker, overseeing all activities that take place on the production floor. These include all wine movements, treatments and adjustments that may take place in the crush pit, tank cellar and/or the barrel cellar as well. Jason also helps manage bottling schedules and supply inventory for CLC products. He joined the Clos LaChance team just prior to the 2007 crush, after recently returning from the Hunter Valley in Australia’s beautiful Wine Country, where he worked the 2007 Harvest Season as a Vintage Winemaker for Rosemount Estate. Prior to working the 2007 crush in Australia, Jason has worked all over the state including Valley of the Moon Winery in Sonoma and TAZ Vineyards in Templeton, where he focused most of his duties on Lab and Cellar work.


  • August 9  Southern Fried Goodness     Fried Chicken, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Okra- need we say more?  The wines we will be tasting are from Cima Collina- a Monterey county based winery that makes their wines on a barel-by-barrel basis using no filtration. They are rich in Carmel Valley history, not only from the vineyards they use but in their tasting room.   It is 

    located in the old Del Monte Dairy constructed by one of the Valley’s early pioneers, William Hatton, in the late 19th century. Some of the earliest Monterey Jack cheese was made here.The tasting room has also served as Carmel Valley’s first post office, a stop for the stage coach to Tassajara Hot Springs, an art gallery, and several local favorite restaurants.Grapes first introduced by the Franciscan friars, who established the Mission at the mouth of the valley, provide the backdrop to our estate vineyard. Located about one half mile east of Carmel Valley Village, the land was originally part of a historic ranch and site for California’s first dude ranch. Dave Muldawer will be entertaining us


  • August 16  Guest Chef Bob Warfield returns with Amazing Paella   Paul Butler will be playing and the wines will be from District 7. California is divided into 14 different grape crushing districts- District 7 is Monterey

    What makes District 7 so special?

    District 7, aka Monterey County, has the longest growing season of all of the districts, a result of the chilled marine air from the Monterey Bay that rushes down the Salinas Valley each day. For cool climate varietals like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, we source the grapes from our estate vineyards in the northern reaches of District 7, where morning fogs often linger until mid-day. This allows the intricate fruit flavors to develop while preserving crucial acidity. For sun lovers like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, we grow the grapes on our estate vineyards located further south in District 7, where sunshine-filled days are followed by the cooling maritime influence in the late afternoons.

    The long growing season of District 7 allows us to “let it hang”. Longer time on the vine means the grapes ripen slowly and evenly. Deciding when to harvest is all about finding the sweet spot, that perfect moment when the grapes have reached full flavor development. At District 7, we let it hang until the grapes are ready. The result is vibrant fruit, complex flavors and excellent structure.

  • There are many, many paella recipes. Originally paella was a dish made in Valencia using chicken, rabbit, snails and three kinds of fresh beans. Now, paella is almost always associated with seafood, chicken and vegetables. There is no right or wrong recipe, only the recipe that pleases you. Paella ingredients vary from place to place, and time to time, depending on local traditions and the ingredients available. Anything from fresh garden produce to holiday left-overs can inspire a cook to create an original version of this one-dish feast! The dish was named after the pan it is cooked in, a Paellera, which is also used for a variety of rice dishes, such as arroz negro, as well as the Spanish pasta dish: fideua.


  • August 23   Summer BBQ begins with a wedge salad, smoked ribs , corn bread and ends with strawberry shortcake   John Davis will be your entertainment for this delicious evening


  • August 30   We miss Italy   so we need some Pasta Carbonara, Marinated Pulpo salad, a variety of Pizzas and Valilla bean Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis   Music by Kip Allert will be accompanied by Piccini PG, Piccini prosecco, Piccini Chainti, and Piccini Memoro Rosso


  • September 6 Argentina means Meat! Empanadas to start, black beans and rice, churros .  Scott Slaughter will be playing and we will enjoy the wines of Soquel Vineyards .....Soquel Vineyards was established in 1987 when twin brothers Peter and Paul Bargetto, and their childhood friend Jon Morgan decided to develop their own label and ended up producing some of the best wines in the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation. Come have a taste and see what you think

  • September 13 Fall Farmer's Market will feature Roasted Butternut Squash, Smoked Brisket Fresh made Fruit Crostada Kip Allert will be playing for us tonight and wines that we think will pair nicely with Elder Rock and Scheid Cellars


  • September 20 Cassoulets of France In older times the cassoulet was simmered in a cauldron over an open hearth fire of gorse wood collected in the Montagne Noire of the region. During hunting season the Carcassonnais will throw several red partridges and some lamb shoulder or leg into their cassoulet. In Toulouse it is enriched with confit of goose, pork skin, and saucisses de Toulouse, a simple pork sausage with a distinctive flavor. We will see what Peter prepares for us this evening for our cassoulet of Soquel......   David O'Connor will serenade us and we will enjoy Albert BICHOT wines: Macon Village, C'Est la Via Chard Sauvignon, Savigny les Beaune, chateau de Jarnioux Beaujolais      Albert Bichot owns four estates set at the heart of four great viticultural regions that make up Burgundy: Chablis, Cote de Nuits, Cote de Beaune and Cote Chalonnaise. Each estate consists of vineyards cultivated with sustainable practices, as well as facilities and teams devoted to the making and aging or the region's wines.

  • September 27 Grandma's House   Pot Roast, Rosemary roasted potatoes, Roasted Brussels sprouts and Chocolate Brownies Dave Muldawer plays for us and Storrs will be pouring tastings  Stephen Storrs  and Pamela Bianchini-Storrs began Storrs Winery with the harvest of 1988.  Both trained as winemakers at UC Davis, they worked at a number of wineries including Domaine Chandon, Felton-Empire Vineyards, and Almaden prior to starting their own.  With their first vintage, they focused on the unique appellation in their backyard – the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Having worked in this terrain for years, they appreciated the cool climate's Burgundian advantage.  They quickly grew to a comfortable 10,000 cases per year and in 2001 realized a dream with the purchase of land in the Pleasant Valley district of Corralitos on the western foothills of Mount Madonna in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.


Stay tuned for the Fall series of guest chef food and wine pairings... beginning   October 4th